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There is some terrific art displayed outdoors in Seattle. This website is meant to encourage others to visit and enjoy the great art out there. It is public and it's free! These pieces adorn our neighborhoods, parks, commercial centers and public buildings bravely surviving the capricious climate of our fair city. We have discovered them while walking, jogging, biking, and otherwise having fun exploring the city (we also drive to many sites).

Seattle Outdoor Art is building a catalogue of outdoor works consisting of a photograph accompanied by the title, artist, date, media, and location of each piece. The pictures are only able to give a glimpse of these fine works and should not be substituted for a personal visit and the enjoyment of the art in its setting.

We can thank many fine artists for all these great pieces which come in a variety of forms and media and are scattered all over the city. Discovering, compiling and sharing Seattle Outdoor Art is a most enjoyable hobby for us. It is our hope that the art will gain some additional devotees among Seattle's residents and visitors.

Currently there are (410) art pieces online. We try to add to this daily so please come back often and check for new artwork. The artworks are copyrighted to the artists.

Featured Art
Title: Urban Garden
Artist: Ginny Ruffner
Location: Union street exit off of South bound I-5 between the WA State Convention Center and Act Theatre.
Medium: Steel
Descr: A 27 foot piece of art depicting a giant flower pot with a daisy, tulip, bluebells and a red watering can. Watering can spills water and the flowers open and close.
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